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Specializing in “all of your Virtual Assistant needs from A-Z”, avirtualz is a great new venture we recently came across. Their mission? “We want you to enjoy life!” and they mean it! Working around the clock, the team at avirtualz are highly skilled US-based, and qualified – having all taken the Online Virtual Assistant Training Program before joining the team.

Their mission is clear and their motto even more so, “Life is too short to spend all your time working.” They are big fans of delegating but are fully aware of not over-promising (which can lead to wasted time on both sides) As such, they clearly state, “Not everyone can do what you do. You do what you do best and let us take care of the rest.” Database building, bookkeeping, recruitment, and even blog management are just a small handful of the areas these guys cover. Check them out!


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Do you ever feel dragged down by the amount of work you have on? Do you ever reach the end of a working day, look at your to-do-list or diary and realize that you have more of the days tasks remaining than you have completed?

These scenarios are all to common in todays world with the fast paced life that we all lead. Even if you are employed in a 9-5 job that is supposed to finish it 5pm it is often not the case. We are all under so much pressure these days to perform that what we give is simply never enough.

If you are self employed or running your own business then these pressures are even more magnified. In a small business especially it can be very difficult because although you don’t have enough man-power to get everything done, there is often not enough budget there for hiring the extra staff that you really need.

Enter technologies greatest gift to the over-worked entrepreneur – virtual assistants. Virtual assistants used to refer to remote secretary like services that could would almost act like an answering machine for your business and the idea was simply to avoid talking to people wherever possible and to present your business as always having a person at the end of the phone.

These services were useless and often deterred clients and customers due to their impersonal nature.

The advances in Internet speeds and communication technologies have brought a new wave of service providers though who provide new meaning to the term virtual assistant in that you can have someone working for you full time, from a remote location and at a very reasonable hourly rate.

Avirtualz offers this exact service to customers all over the world, delivering a consistently high level of virtual assistants to entrepreneurs, small businesses and also individuals on an hourly rate basis as well as for fixed term projects.

Some of the great advantages of hiring a virtual assistant from Avirtualz are:

-  Take on a real member of staff at an hourly rate and without a long term commitment

-  Easily increase and decrease staff levels and man-power

-  Get the over-flow of daily tasks completed without the hassle

Once you sign up to Avirtualz you will be provided with a dedicated assistant who you can contact within working hours (also out of hours workloads can be arranged if you select the VIP pricing plan) to perform a wide variety of day to day tasks on your behalf and in a professional manner that will take the pressure off of you and also affirm your companies branding and values.

Some examples of the types of services that Avirtualz assistants can carry out on your behalf are:

-  Manage your Email

-  Set up appointments and arrange meetings

-  Manage your diary

-  Follow up calls to clients

-  Bookkeeping and accounts

-  Personal errands

-  Data entry

-  Book Hotels and flights on your behalf

-  Set-up and manage Social Media Accounts

-  Manage your Blog or website

These are just a small selection of the types of tasks that can be carried out by your Avirtualz assistant. There are hundreds more typical tasks that Avirtualz carry out on behalf of their clients on a daily basis. In fact any task you can think of that can be carried out via a computer and communicated remotely can be handled in a professional and timely manner by Avirtualz.

It is a fantastic service that really makes having a personal assistant possible for entrepreneurs and small business owners where previously it simply would not have been affordable or practical.

Tori Jones - Professional Business Writer

Virtual assisting is a part of corporate life. CEOs spend inordinate amounts of time looking for the help they need, but they just don’t get the right combination in an assistant. Savvy CEOs know that they will never get the perfect assistant, so they look to other options for staffing. One is to contact avirtualz virtual assistants who can do just about anything. Some of the reasons you need to use a virtual assistant are:


-  Avoid all the time and hassle to find the right person.

-  Employees often cost more than their salary.

-  You have to house an assistant and sometimes finding the perfect space is impossible.

-  Keep your assistant busy all the time to justify your investment. This can mean assigning them menial tasks.

-  Although they are available, they may not be competent.

-  Employees really don’t work all eight hours in a day.

-  Firing people is an emotional a hassle.

-  Personal budgets just don’t have room for a full-time assistant.


Virtual assistants are the future. You don’t have to have them in your office full time, but just call them you are overwhelmed with your workload. Virtual assistants from avirtualz will give you help doing all the administrative paperwork it takes to run a company. Setting tasks gives your virtual assistant the time to be productive.


A virtual assistant company with many virtual assistants provide professional help when you want it. Your virtual assistant is the expert in screening email and responding as if they were you. They schedule and confirm your appointments as well as book travel arrangements. Virtual assistants perform research, help you fill out expense reports and track reimbursements. They also create invoices and post payments. If you have an assignment that you absolutely don’t have time to handle, your virtual assist will do this task for you quickly and efficiently.


If most of your business transactions are virtual or conducted via email, sometimes through the phone and often using a website, it really doesn’t matter where your assistant is located. No one will know the difference; they just know the work gets done.


Using a virtual assistants will take hours of paperwork from your workweek. All you need to know are what tasks to delegate. Most virtual assistants are contract or freelance and some work for a company that specializes in virtual assisting. Virtual assistants work from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those duties of an executive assistant. You can find assistants that can do just about anything. This makes it easy to find someone who fits your organization at a fraction of the time and cost.


You can assign your virtual assistant to make vendor calls, send out thank you cards, to help you build trust with clients and give you the needed time to do what your business demands. Use a virtual assistant to keep a tab on market trends and business news. It is almost impossible for a busy executive to keep on top of Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube and other social media sites. Your virtual assistant will be happy to take over that task for you.  Contact avirtualz today to take advantage of this great service.  

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The obligations the average American has at work are overwhelming and very often, most Americans can’t fulfill all of their job duties. To prevent a burnout, Americans should start delivering some of their duties to virtual assistants.

The virtual assistants on freelancing websites are very cheap, but they also have a very low knowledge of the English language that might lead to additional work as you will have to straighten out their mistakes.

There are Americans who also do virtual assistant services. These virtual assistants are expensive, but they make less mistakes, and they do their job with three times bigger quality than cheap virtual assistants from freelancing websites. is a good example of American based virtual assistants. The prices on this website are $20 an hour, and your virtual assistant is available 10 hours a day from Monday till Friday.


If you want a virtual assistant at the weekend, then the rate is $30 per hour. In case you need a virtual assistant from time to time, you can order a virtual assistant for the price of $20-$30 per hour.

There are many benefits of virtual assistants:

- You don’t have to do boring or repetitive tasks.
- You can focus on the most important tasks at work.
- You have more free time to spend with your family.
- You’re not so stressed.
- You can impress your boss as you will be able to finish all your tasks on time.

On, you can also work for other people if you’re unemployed. So, this website not only makes life easier for employed people, but also employs people who are temporarily unemployed. The hourly rate is above average, and your effort is well priced.

So whether you have a lot of work or you don’t have a job; this virtual assistant website can help you with both reducing some of your duties, and it can give you a job that you can do at home.

You should definitely keep this website in your bookmarks whenever you have a lot of work or in a worst case scenario, you lose your job. So bookmark this website and make your job easier and have a working option in case you ever lose your job.

All in all, they are a Virtual Assisting company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina but service clients worldwide. They can do anything an in-house assistant can do. Unlike an hourly employee, they bill their clients by the minute.

Clients only pay for the minutes it takes to complete each task. No benefits, no vacation/holiday pay, no overtime, no bad weather days, and no paying for their assistant to be in their office all day. Do what you do best, and let them take care of the rest.

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